Protecting Artistic Integrity While Building a Thriving Creative Agency in Tokyo w/ Daniel Harris Rosen

Episode #76

Today on the Small Business Japan Podcast I talk with Daniel Harris Rosen about how he protects artistic integrity while building a thriving art agency in Tokyo. Leadership, management, building a supportive community, and adjusting and pivoting are all topics we’ll cover today as we do a deep dive into the world of a thriving, creative business in Tokyo. 

 Daniel Harris Rosen is a bilingual creative director based in Tokyo, with over 25 years of experience in the Japanese arts scene. Originally a visual artist himself, he is also a curator, VJ, film director, and art writer for The Japan Times & other esteemed media outlets. Daniel first formally studied art at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, and went on to earn his MFA at Tama Art University in Tokyo. In 2006 while still a student, he joined the nascent artist collective Rinpa Eshidan which exploded into an Internet sensation. Through working with them he gained experience handling commercial work while also pursuing his own artistic career in contemporary art, exhibiting and selling his artwork worldwide. 

 After earning his PhD in fine arts from Tama Art University, he founded TokyoDex, a multifaceted creative agency that encompasses all of his artistic endeavors. Daniel’s creative vision, extensive network in the Japanese art community, understanding of the Japanese culture and international standards of business make him a highly sought creative director for exciting art-based projects in Tokyo and around the globe. 


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