Becoming an SEO and Digital Marketing Expert in Tokyo W/ Jeff Crawford

Episode #77

Today on the Small Business Japan Podcast you get to learn about how Jeff Crawford developed his SEO and Digital Marketing agency Zo Digital Japan, and he gives you tips on starting your entrepreneurial journey in Japan as well.  

 Jeff Crawford started his professional career working for Apple and Microsoft in Silicon Valley. Jeff moved to Japan in 2004, working for MSN-Online and Adobe Systems Japan. He left corporate life in 2014, doing Digital Marketing consulting for various clients. In 2018 Jeff's consulting business became Zo Digital Japan, an SEO and Digital Marketing agency... 

 I just wanted to take a minute to highlight the fact that Jeff has built himself and his thriving company Zo Digital as a Lifestyle Japanpreneur. A Lifestyle Japanpreneur is someone with a strong connection to Japan who builds a small but mighty business on their own terms. I have just recently released a training course on starting and growing your business as a Lifestyle Japanpreneur and I’d love for you to check it out on the website at The course aims to take you from idea creation to building a business that scales but doesn’t grow, that means you can lead the lifestyle you desire as your business thrives. Now let’s hear more from this great Lifestyle Japanpreneur. 


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