Effectively Communicating Through Culture in Japan w/ Ansel Simpson

Episode #88

On this episode of the Small Business Japan podcast I talk with Ansel Simpson about Effectively Communicating Through Culture in Japan and other ways he has become a successful cross-cultural entrepreneur and sales strategist.  

Ansel is an Executive Coach, Cultural Consultant, and Japan-U.S. specialist in Entry Sales and Marketing Strategies. He is an entrepreneur and published author and creator of the new 'Closed in 20 Seconds!' Sales Strategy  

Ansel’s Quick Bio: 

Ansel is an expert business coach with the unique ability to train Japanese professionals of all levels of experience and knowledge of the English language to excel in cross-cultural environments. He is a consultant that empathizes with the Japanese mindset and can articulate how to interact in non-Japanese business settings. 

2001 Moved to Tokyo. Transfer from Berlitz – USA Translation Sales in Santa Monica, CA to Berlitz – Japan (Tokyo) English language instruction...


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