Creating a Unique Brand in Japan By Going Against the Grain w/ Angel Guevara

Episode #80

Hey Japanpreneurs, on this episode of the Small Business Japan podcast we talk with Angel Guevara about creating a unique brand in Japan by going against the grain, the idea of starting an anti-company, creativity in Japan and so much more.  

Angel Guevara is a creative dedicated to improving society through branding, marketing, storytelling, and personal development. Born in Caracas, Venezuela, he is the founder of HYPERMILK – a creative agency that helps brands successfully localize in Japan through empathy, strategy, and design. Angel also runs an internet community and website called NIGHTCRAWLERS, with a goal of becoming the ultimate business guide in Japan by providing weekly webinars with influential professionals, insightful blog posts, and a powerful network of entrepreneurs and creatives. Angel currently resides in the urban jungle of Tokyo, Japan. 

Japan is the country of contradictions.  

Advertising in Japan and creating a unique brand in Japan: Do what everyone is doing, take notes...and then do the complete opposite.  

He aims to spread his content in organic ways as opposed to just using SEO strategies... 

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