084: Ikigai and Flow State Bootcamp

podcast Apr 05, 2021

Hey Japanpreneurs, on this episode of Small Business Japan I’m going to share with you a free Ikigai and Flow state training program I’ve been working on and fill you in on a new business development called High Flow Lifestyle.  

 I’m Dr. Josh Smith and this episode is sponsored by High Flow Lifestyle, my new personal growth and business success coaching and community platform. This is specifically designed for you self-employed business owners out there, everyone from entrepreneurs and small business owners to creatives and free-lancers, this is where you develop work/life synergy and learn to access flow consistently, so you can achieve that next-level success and well-being that you deserve. Check it out at HighFlowLifestyle.com. 

 I developed this free Ikigai and Flow bootcamp to help guide you to getting some clarity and balance in your personal and professional life. In this free 5-day course, you will realize how connected and important Ikigai and Flow are, and you’ll see firsthand the positive changes that come along with making these concepts a part of your life.  

Just to be clear, Ikigai refers to your Life’s Purpose or reason for waking up in the morning, and Flow refers to that timeless state of being when you feel your best and perform your best. 

When you enjoy your life and your work, things are just better in general. You begin to move through life with a bit more ease and effortlessness. It’s easier to deal with the stress and challenges that pop up unexpectedly. Work doesn’t feel like work, it’s more fun and you get more done.  

You deserve to enjoy your life so we’re going to work on making that a reality for you. 

I’m Dr. Josh Smith. I run the High Flow Lifestyle online membership training and 1-on-1 coaching program for people who want to find that balance, access flow on demand, achieve that next level success, and simply enjoy their work and life more.  

As self-employed business owners we are in a unique position of business being personal. Yes, our small businesses and side-hustles are built around things we love to do, but believe me I know it’s not all fun and games, even though that’s what other people see it as. If you’re like me you got into business with the aim of being in control of your own destiny and being your own boss, and somewhere along the way your purpose and day-to-day flow got a little twisted.   

In our case, my wife Satomi and I unfortunately found that we had basically created a job for ourselves and it was running our lives, instead of us running our business. After growing our restaurants to 3 locations and a craft beer brewery, we were on autopilot and overwhelm started to set in.  

That’s when I decided to make the conscious decision to get back to our roots, brush off my research from my Master’s and Doctorate degrees from Osaka University, undergo certified flow state and peak performance training and build my own formula for leading a High Flow Lifestyle. As I’ve applied this unique formula to our situation and coached others along the way as well, it’s put us in a much more stable position personally and financially.  

My approach stems from my 13 years living, studying and working in Japan bringing with it a well-rounded Eastern and Western approach to achieving true work/life synergy. My science-backed training in the flow state, sociology, neuroscience, and positive psychology add a solid level to my coaching strategies that I bring to the membership and 1-on-1 coaching.  

In this free training we are going to begin developing your Ikigai. You will see how your Ikigai and flow activities are connected and learn some breathwork techniques to keep you focused on the present, eliminating distractions. Overall, the path of overall and chaos you are currently on, will take a new direction toward clarity and leading a high flow lifestyle.  

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