078: Effectively Communicating Through Culture in Japan w/ Ansel Simpson

podcast Nov 20, 2020

On this episode of the Small Business Japan podcast I talk with Ansel Simpson about Effectively Communicating Through Culture in Japan and other ways he has become a successful cross-cultural entrepreneur and sales strategist.  

Ansel is an Executive Coach, Cultural Consultant, and Japan-U.S. specialist in Entry Sales and Marketing Strategies. He is an entrepreneur and published author and creator of the new 'Closed in 20 Seconds!' Sales Strategy  

Ansel’s Quick Bio: 

Ansel is an expert business coach with the unique ability to train Japanese professionals of all levels of experience and knowledge of the English language to excel in cross-cultural environments. He is a consultant that empathizes with the Japanese mindset and can articulate how to interact in non-Japanese business settings. 

2001 Moved to Tokyo. Transfer from Berlitz – USA Translation Sales in Santa Monica, CA to Berlitz – Japan (Tokyo) English language instruction. 

2003 The Socratic Review 
Created an Internet-based acculturation solution for coaching for Japanese professionals.  

2012 Published 『異文化摩擦を解消する 英語ビジネスコミュニケーション術 

Strategy for Business Communication 山久瀬 洋二 & アンセル・シンプソン 


2014 Shinka KK Start-up 

2015 Speaker at Global Taskforce 

2017 Shinka KK closes doors  

2019 Return to US 

2020 Create ‘Closed in 20 Seconds!’ Sales program for pros and novices. Executive coaching for Japanese, Sales Consulting 


The business of teaching English in Japan is unfortunately edutainment. 

He figured out how to get someone communicatively fluent in 10 weeks. He teaches people how to listen like a native English speaker.  

He focused on learning Japanese culture over Japanese language. That’s the real way to communicate with people.  

Networks are extremely important in Japan and everyone should take their time building their network in Japan.  

Proponent of The Lewis Model instead of high / low context. No matter what country you are in depending on what industry you are in that determines what type of person you are. The high context/low context theory is very low on the importance level.  

Consulting is a difficult profession in Japan. 

Strive to be a servant leader. 

Dress well, smile broadly. It’s ok to make mistakes, but small through it. Make mistakes and laugh about it.  


Social Media 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/simpsonansel 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/anselsimpson 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AnselSimpson 



Strategy for Business Communication 山久瀬 洋二 & アンセル・シンプソン 


The Bible – especially for servant leadership 

18 Small Business Startup Tips From Some of Today’s Top Japanpreneurs


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