074: The Business of Sparking Joy with the KonMari Method w/ Hitomi Kinoshita

podcast Oct 09, 2020

On this episode of the Small Business Japan Podcast I interview certified KonMari consultant Hitomi Kinoshita about her business of decluttering people’s lives, reducing stress along the way, and sparking joy in their lives.  


Hitomi Kinoshita is a Certified KonMari consultant based in San Antonio, Texas. 
She worked at Barney’s New York and Takashimaya as a personal shopper for years building her client list. She then transitioned to Valentino where she was the Senior Sales Supervisor + Specialist for 20 years. With a combined 30 years of experience in the Fashion industry, and serving clients such as Arianna Huffington, Anne Hathaway and Uma Thurman, she has excelled in her field.

Looking for a change, she has lent her skillset to the KonMari Method and launched k i n o c o in 2017. Working with residential and commercial clients, she uses her developed + seasoned eye, as well as her adept ability to interact with all walks of life to create successful KonMari sessions across the United States. 

Now, after focusing her attention on the Marie Kondo method from Japan, her mission is to help mindful professionals and busy families simplify through decluttering and live a life that sparks joy. 

She flew back to Japan to get certified in the Marie Kondo Method because at that time there was nothing in English in the United States.  

When returning she developed a one-on-one business model, which she has pivoted to online virtual consulting.  

Shinto beliefs are an underlying theme of the method, which is sometimes difficult for non-Japanese to grasp sometimes.  

There are now about 450 KonMari consultants, but in the US Hitomi is one of 3 native Japanese consultants. She uses this to her advantage by respecting and promoting the roots of Shinto and Japan as part of the KonMari method.  

Although there is the Netflix special, she still needs to actively spread the word of the Marie Kondo Method. She does this by holding various workshops around.  



[email protected] 





Marie Kondo’s books: 

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing  

Joy at Work: Organizing Your Professional Life 





00:00:00 Josh 

Hitomi Kinoshita is a certified khomani consultant based in San Antonio, TX. Formerly a fashion advisor and stylist at a luxury Italian brand in New York City. For over 20 years now, after focusing her attention on the Marie Kondo method from Japan, her mission is to help mindful professionals. 

00:00:20 Josh 

And busy families simplify through decluttering and live a life that Sparks joy. 

00:00:26 Josh 

He told me welcome to the show. 

00:00:30 Hitomi 

Thank you for inviting me. 

00:00:32 Josh 

What is your connection to Japan? 

00:00:35 Hitomi 

I am Japanese, I was wrong and lazy. Nakago Shima Japan. 

00:00:41 Josh 

So, and I guess, tell us a little bit what is your business? 

00:00:47 Hitomi 

My business I'm I am a certified comedy consultant. 

00:00:53 Hitomi 

Our based in San Antonio and the. 

00:00:58 Hitomi 

That company method is actually is created by Maria Kondo. 

00:01:05 Hitomi 

An she wrote a book called life changing magic of tidying up. 

00:01:10 Josh 

00:01:12 Hitomi 

Yeah, Japanese art of decorating and organizing. OK, yes. 

00:01:20 Josh 

So I guess tell us a little bit when. 

00:01:24 Josh 

Coming from Kagoshima, how did you? How did you end up in the states? 

00:01:30 Hitomi 

Uh, it's interesting story in the sense is that it's so I was growing up in a koshima going delays there until I was 23. 

00:01:44 Hitomi 


00:01:46 Hitomi 

I had a 11 month old boy baby and my husband and we decided to move not to move. Actually is going to visit New York for couple of months. 

00:02:01 Josh 

Oh wow. 

00:02:03 Hitomi 

To do my husbands previous husbands friend was living in Jamaica, he's a musician and. 

00:02:11 Hitomi 

So we decided to. 

00:02:12 Hitomi 

Came and we fall in love with it, and the stayed that was about 35 years ago. 

00:02:22 Josh 

OK, and where did you? 

00:02:24 Josh 

Where did you come to? 

00:02:26 Hitomi 

Oh, we were in always in New York City. 

00:02:30 Hitomi 

OK, in Manhattan. 

00:02:34 Hitomi 

First we stayed in a hotel in the 42nd St. Back then it was very scary and then moved to Brooklyn and came to happen again and. 

00:02:45 Hitomi 

Many years I was living in the Midtown around the 55th St and 7th Ave. 

00:02:51 Josh 

Wow, so was it? 

00:02:53 Josh 

Because there's a sort of a lively Japanese community and Japanese scene that you were able to feel some type of. 

00:03:06 Josh 

Community there. 

00:03:09 Hitomi 

It was, it was it wasn't a large but there is a pocket of the people. 

00:03:18 Hitomi 

Came to States and working at the restaurants which I was as well I was waitress. 

00:03:28 Hitomi 

And it was a small. I didn't know much Japanese people that point. 

00:03:34 Josh 

Now yeah, OK, So what was? 

00:03:37 Josh 

Life like for you in New York City. 

00:03:41 Hitomi 

It was very hard because I hardly spoke English. 

00:03:45 Hitomi 

And, um. 

00:03:47 Speaker 3 

So it was. 

00:03:49 Hitomi 

It was challenging, but I think it was. I was young enough to just not worry about too much about the people things. 

00:04:01 Hitomi 


00:04:02 Hitomi 

But I think it is so many different types of people live there in a culture and it's such a melting pot of the spot. 

00:04:14 Hitomi 

I learned so much from New York City and I was very lucky and I I never lived in Tokyo or I didn't travel too much before that. So that was my first major traveling. 

00:04:29 Hitomi 

And we decided to stay so in a way it was good. It was a good day. No expectations. That sense was wonderful. 

00:04:39 Josh 

Yeah, well, New York City seems like it can be a very exciting place, but at the same time did that sort of wear you down a little bit? 

00:04:57 Hitomi 

I actually never felt wearing down in a sense actually more give me the more energy from outside. 

00:05:08 Hitomi 

I think I was very fortunate to have a good friends and the people surrounding me was very helpful and protectors. 

00:05:16 Josh 

That's good, So what was it then that sparked yet another move to Texas? 

00:05:25 Hitomi 

It's a It's a little long story, but. 

00:05:30 Hitomi 

Texas is so I was working a lot in New York City. 

00:05:36 Hitomi 

Um, I was formerly working at Italian fashion designer store at Madison Ave for 20 years and before that is Barneys New York for few years as Stylist. 

00:05:56 Hitomi 

And I met. 

00:05:58 Hitomi 

Um, I met my husband through my boss and. 

00:06:04 Hitomi 

So he got to offer the job to San Antonio. 

00:06:09 Hitomi 

And so again, it's a new adventure. I never went to Texas. I never been to San Antonio, but I think I believe that life take you somewhere is meant to be you meant to be. 

00:06:23 Josh 

So how long have you been in San Antonio now? 

00:06:26 Hitomi 

Santonio is about five years. 

00:06:29 Josh 

OK, OK, and you're adjusting to the lifestyle there. 

00:06:33 Hitomi 

Yes, after first it was a little shocking is booty. Quite sweat slow moves. But people are so sweet and kind. 

00:06:44 Hitomi 

And the weather is so beautiful. Ah yeah. 

00:06:49 Hitomi 

But I miss restaurants in New York. 

00:06:53 Josh 

Yeah yeah, pluses and minuses. 

00:06:55 Hitomi 

Yes, exactly. 

00:06:57 Josh 

OK, so your husband was sort of offered a job to move to San Antonio and so when you came to Texas then what? What were you thinking about doing? 

00:07:14 Hitomi 

I was still working for the Italian company OK design company. There's any company, so I was being kind of like a personal status, but it's I was doing mobili like and I'm going to visit the New York like a twice a year. 

00:07:34 Hitomi 

Twice a month for I did that for a couple of years and then I met Maria Condos primary method and I fall in love with it because I was always organizer. I had a passion for organizing and then when I was growing up. 

00:07:55 Hitomi 

Is my house my parents? The house is always organized. Very minimalist but in in Kagoshima. Was that sense like we fortunate, but it was always opening that small closet so there is a. 

00:08:15 Hitomi 

Bunch of things is is a cramming in and it's very unorganized. So in the surface is very calm and organized, but inside there was a spot and I always find myself that. 

00:08:31 Hitomi 

Question I try to organize but never never success and until I met the committee method. 

00:08:41 Josh 

OK, so you. 

00:08:43 Josh 

Went through their training programs and and you were becoming familiar with their their method of organizing method. 

00:08:52 Hitomi 

Yes, well, first I went to Japan because that point. 

00:08:58 Hitomi 

There was no seminar was offering in the US, so I flew back to Japan for three times in two months for just the first portion of a process, and then they stopped offering in the states. So I finish it. Complete the process. 

00:09:18 Hitomi 

In New York City. 

00:09:19 Josh 

Oh God, I see so. 

00:09:23 Josh 

After completing then you've you set up your own business and I guess what are some of the services or revenue streams that you have for your business? 

00:09:34 Hitomi 

OK Love in your stream is it is a one on one session so it does on person to person. But unfortunately right now is the. 

00:09:44 Hitomi 

Little bit difficult because of the wireless and so we do more virtual. 

00:09:50 Josh 

OK, mostly so you've been able to translate your business into the on line world as well. 

00:09:58 Hitomi 

Yes, so yes. 

00:10:01 Josh 

And it is that working with new customers? Or are those mostly? 

00:10:06 Josh 

Previous customers contactually 

00:10:08 Hitomi 

Is and you customers oh great yes. 

00:10:14 Hitomi 

People have a more time. 

00:10:19 Hitomi 

Some people are very cold in team pretty well, which I respect. That and I do it I I do. I'm doing that as well and so yes, and it's for some people is very good timing, but for other people, other other senses, so many more important things. 

00:10:38 Hitomi 

They have to take care of when the worry about right? A lot of stress. 

00:10:44 Josh 

So I think do you think your method sortof is possibly a way to help with some of that stress? 

00:10:52 Hitomi 

I truly believe so. 

00:10:56 Hitomi 

To Mendis Lee will will it is. 

00:11:00 Hitomi 

But I think it's. 

00:11:05 Hitomi 

They do need to. 

00:11:06 Hitomi 

Really grasp the deeper part of it, just a surface in my not gonna help that much. 

00:11:12 Hitomi 

Be cause if you. 

00:11:17 Hitomi 

It's a little bit more story behind it. It's comedy messages based on the way the Lococo of it with your coming from the Shintoism. 

00:11:28 Hitomi 

So it's based on. It's about it's You. Shinto is teaching, nature is a teaching. You how to. 

00:11:40 Hitomi 

Have a connection and make a harmony to living with all other surroundings right with you and the nature. So I think that point is. 

00:11:53 Hitomi 

Very hard to grasp for some people. 

00:11:56 Josh 

Ah, that's that's exactly. 

00:11:58 Josh 

A question that I was going to ask because on your website you have an an. I'll read it here it says the konmari method is based on the Shinto belief that all objects both animate and inanimate have a sacred power. 

00:12:15 Josh 

This belief teaches one to live in harmony with nature and your surroundings while being grateful and respectful of all objects. So I thought that was its its very deep and powerful statement which I fully agree with. But I'm wondering if you found that. 

00:12:35 Josh 

Difficult message for some people to understand or. 

00:12:42 Josh 

To appreciate I guess. 

00:12:45 Josh 

Yes, Yeah. 

00:12:47 Hitomi 

Very much so. 

00:12:49 Hitomi 


00:12:51 Hitomi 

So I will talk to the clients. It's in the same way as everybody, but for some people? Oh yes. Yes yes, I understand. 

00:13:02 Hitomi 

But it's really it's not so. 

00:13:06 Hitomi 

It's a That's a little challenge, so we I have to. I wait and a little bit of shift in different way to focus on more. But the most of the people do understand the intuitions. OK, so intuition if they can be able to grasp the intuition some way. 

00:13:30 Hitomi 

Then I think we can be able to work together, but it's if it's absolutely if the client thinks it's this process is, I have to go to do it for her or him. It's not. It's about that person. 

00:13:50 Hitomi 

The clients it sell themselves have to be committed to going to asking yourself ask your heart what sparked joy for you. 

00:14:03 Hitomi 


00:14:04 Josh 

Have you found the? Is this usually a one time experience you have with them? Or are there some people who I don't know? Every every few months or so need to sort of reconnect with you to? 

00:14:20 Hitomi 

Yes, small percentage of the people do need to reconnect with me too, just to remind them to the point of it right, but that this process is it is. It's a very intense and we recommend to go through it in a very short period of time. 

00:14:41 Hitomi 

But depending on the People's schedule, some people have focused on the intense in that one Week, 12 weekends, or a whole week. Take a vacation and focus on. 

00:14:53 Hitomi 

We could be able to go through. 

00:14:55 Hitomi 

Altogether, but most of the people it's have. 

00:15:01 Hitomi 

Not that kind of luxury, so they do need to take some parts in the between right? So it sometimes takes couple months, sometimes takes six months. 

00:15:14 Hitomi 

But it's in Alisme and the schedule they is possibly they can be able to, but it's we recommend it. Much this we could in the short, not too long. More than here. 

00:15:27 Josh 

OK yeah, good good. 



00:15:31 Josh 

So I'm wondering, this sounds like a. 

00:15:35 Josh 

A smooth transition into. 

00:15:39 Josh 

Everything I'm wondering, have you had any mistakes or hurdles or struggles along the way that you had to overcome? 

00:15:51 Hitomi 

It's so many. 



00:15:56 Hitomi 

But is the most I think is I was too scared to to contact his client. I was always with crying customer client relation business. It's just a little bit different used to be we are. We are presenting items but now I'm I'm presenting my. 

00:16:18 Hitomi 

Norwich, right, and uh, I have to be great and it's it's a different different transition. It's it's different delivery methods I I believe, and many times I made mistakes and things. It's too personal because I used to be a more personal point of but the. 

00:16:38 Hitomi 

Now is my business is going to somebody's private home and I'm gonna be in their space and their life so I just have to. 

00:16:50 Hitomi 

Keep practicing to be not make a mistake about it. 

00:16:56 Josh 

Did you find it a difficult transition? Having worked in the fashion industry in a company for so many years and now? 

00:17:08 Josh 

Doing your own thing? Your own entrepreneurial journey. What was that like? 

00:17:12 Hitomi 

I had no idea so many layers of the things you have to do. I still struggle. Time management is Oh my God, it's so difficult, so difficult and you think. 

00:17:26 Hitomi 

I'm thinking, OK, I I'm not, everything is under control and every time all the time it's more and more responsible dispensability and it was so easier. 

00:17:40 Hitomi 

The honestly it was much easier to working in the company. 

00:17:43 Hitomi 

Yes Josh Yeah I. 

00:17:45 Josh 

Agree can understand that there's there's always one more thing you have to learn. If it's you know you, you have your knowledge that you're now. You know wanting to help other people with, but you have to figure out. OK it website. 

00:18:00 Josh 

And SCO and marketing. And so, yes, yeah, there's a there's a lot of moving pieces. 

00:18:09 Hitomi 

I agree, and I was very fortunate to family and friends and very helpful. 

00:18:13 Hitomi 

That's good depre. 

00:18:16 Hitomi 

Um, like my daughter was helping me to build a website from scratch. 

00:18:21 Josh 

Nice, very nice clean smooth looking website. 

00:18:25 Hitomi 

Thank you so much. I appreciate that she will be happy to hear. 

00:18:30 Josh 


00:18:31 Josh 

So I guess along those terms, how are you or your business standing out from the crowd and getting attention? 

00:18:42 Hitomi 

I think is we. 

00:18:46 Hitomi 

Hey now about 400 to 50 consultants committee consultants in. 

00:18:52 Hitomi 

In outside of Japan. 

00:18:55 Josh 

Wow 450. 

00:18:57 Hitomi 

OK, and which is wonderful. We can be able to spread the word more quickly. 

00:19:07 Hitomi 

And the what? Is it different from others is I'm particularly talking about right now, is in adjust the US. I'm the one of the three Japanese Foodie Japanese consultant. Oh OK, I think is the sense of we could. 

00:19:28 Hitomi 

Grasp little bit more behind feeding and we grow up in the Shinto and Buddhism and Zen and we can deal with more different way to connect to to help too. 

00:19:45 Hitomi 

Trianz to understand. So I think these are what's differ and I would like to make a, uh. 

00:19:54 Hitomi 

A point, a big point of it is. 

00:19:57 Hitomi 

I do respect that core part of it, and I think that is how it started. Where is coming from? So that is my. 

00:20:09 Hitomi 

Little bit. 

00:20:11 Hitomi 

Apart from other consultants I see. 

00:20:16 Josh 

Do you have to actively spread the message or importance of the konmari method or at this point, are people familiar with it and are searching for you now? 

00:20:31 Hitomi 

It's a It's a. I think it's the people actively searching much more after the Marie Kondo had Netflix show called tidying up with Marie Kondo. And then I was very successful and they are beneficial to us. 

00:20:51 Hitomi 

So people do understand that we do exist an. 

00:20:57 Hitomi 

So that was fantastic, but it's it's a boast and we still, especially here San Antonio. 

00:21:05 Hitomi 

Many people said, Oh, I let the book. I saw that, um, the Netflix, but is there is no deeper knowledge yet. So I we still have to actively trying to spread the word or by workshop or. 

00:21:25 Hitomi 


00:21:26 Hitomi 

Interview, Fortunately Josh, you need to me out. Thank you so much. 

00:21:31 Hitomi 

We have to do a both. 

00:21:33 Josh 

OK, yeah, you mentioned workshops and I'm wondering if you've collaborated with other organizers or health or fashion industry people. 

00:21:46 Hitomi 

I was thinking about that I'm not collaborating yet, but what I did was I went to visit high school and. 

00:22:03 Hitomi 

Like a 50 students from Psychology Cross. 

00:22:08 Hitomi 

And, Uh, I give workshop wisdom and an that was very successful an I really enjoyed. So I do need to. It's that's a great idea, Josh. I think it's I should open my more eyes. 

00:22:28 Hitomi 

To reach out. 

00:22:30 Josh 

Well, I'm just wondering if. 

00:22:34 Josh 

The program has it. The overall theme seems like it's a little in a Gray area, you know, is it in the? Is it related to health and Wellness or is it part of almost the fashion industry? Or is it sort of like a a home and living? 

00:22:56 Josh 

So it's it seems yeah, with which. 

00:22:59 Josh 

Who do remote to? 

00:23:01 Hitomi 

Yeah, right, that's true. Well not, it's not going to because my background fashion background client. 

00:23:08 Hitomi 

Tend to fool people who really doesn't need some attention to the closing or close it. 

00:23:18 Hitomi 

Beach me because I can advise. 

00:23:22 Hitomi 

The fashion sense and besides that much and I'm sorry. Of course, of course it's they. They have to choose, but from them I can be able to coordinate what's goes what and also designed the closet in that. That matters, so little bit of fashion. 

00:23:43 Hitomi 

But I think it's more. 

00:23:46 Hitomi 

Home slash Wellness I would say. 

00:23:50 Josh 

What is something you've changed your mind about regarding Japan? 

00:23:56 Hitomi 

Japan, it's just because I was in a small koshima city for so all my life. So my. 

00:24:07 Hitomi 

My life was very small and I think I was taking a granted so once. 

00:24:17 Hitomi 

Came to US. 

00:24:18 Hitomi 

And I recognize much more beauty and appreciate. 

00:24:23 Hitomi 

About the Japanese cultures and arts and. 

00:24:29 Hitomi 

Business side over too. When I came was 86 so it was bubble Japanese was buying everything and NYC and um so. 

00:24:43 Hitomi 

I was very proud. I truly recognized how advanced Japanese culture is. 

00:24:53 Josh 

Oh God. 

00:24:54 Hitomi 

Yes, and that also opening eyes now, especially here in San Antonio. I have a get in touch with. 

00:25:03 Hitomi 

The people who are learning teaching E Cabana. 

00:25:09 Hitomi 

So I'm very interested to try to give an A. 

00:25:14 Josh 

Yes, Oh yeah, it's it's. There's a connection there. Yes, this is a great spot up next we have the shinkon send speed round. I wanted to let you know that as a listener to the small business Japan podcast. 

00:25:29 Josh 

I have created a unique training course just for you. The lifestyle Japan preneur course is all about designing your desired lifestyle 1st and then building your business around supporting that lifestyle for one reason or another. You have also come to find a connection to Japan and are open to learning about how certain Japanese cultural. 

00:25:52 Josh 

Aesthetic and business concepts can benefit your life and business. This is a new way of looking at how your lifestyle and business can intertwine. Whether you're looking to start your business or side hustle, add an element of online to your brick and mortar shop or develop a new way of structuring your current business. 

00:26:14 Josh 

I encourage you to check out the lifestyle Japan preneur course over at the small business Japan website because as a listener of the podcast, this course was designed specifically with you in mind to guide you through the process of transforming your lifestyle and business. I'll see you on the inside. 

00:26:36 Josh 

He told me where were you born? 

00:26:39 Hitomi 

Kagoshima, Japan. 

00:26:41 Josh 

And where do you currently reside? 

00:26:44 Hitomi 

San Antonio, TX. 

00:26:46 Josh 

How old are you now? 

00:26:48 Hitomi 


00:26:50 Josh 

What do you do for stress relief? 

00:26:53 Hitomi 

I do boot camp outside Boot Camp, Berceaux outside boot camp. 

00:27:01 Hitomi 

Five days a week. Wow and meditation. Learning meditation is still very difficult but I'm trying. 

00:27:10 Josh 

What is a Japanese food or drink that you're sort of hooked on right now? 

00:27:14 Speaker 3 

Right now is my always husband. 

00:27:18 Hitomi 

But the owner of but there like now is it came back is not go with white rice with low egg and soy sauce. 

00:27:29 Josh 

Great combination, great thank you. Yeah, where was the last place that you vacationed and for how long? 

00:27:38 Hitomi 

It was in New York City to visit my granddaughter. First granddaughter. I was there for two weeks. 

00:27:46 Hitomi 

Back in March. 

00:27:49 Hitomi 

Yeah, beginning with March. OK so it was just the beginning of a coronavirus sweetie. 

00:27:56 Josh 

Yeah, and then. 

00:27:57 Josh 

New York then shut down big time yes, yes. 

00:28:03 Josh 

What book would you recommend for our small business Japan listeners? 

00:28:08 Hitomi 

I have to say I still do need to. I feel like more and more people can be able to. 

00:28:16 Hitomi 

Learn from her book life changing, magic of tidying up and also she published a new book called the joy at walk. 

00:28:28 Hitomi 

Also, it is a collaboration with a nice University professor. 

00:28:35 Hitomi 

And Maria Kondo herself an would be interesting to see how much we can be able to spread the word and. 

00:28:46 Hitomi 

To help the office is business as well. 

00:28:49 Josh 


00:28:52 Josh 

What advice would you give to someone wanting to start their own small business? 

00:28:58 Hitomi 

First important thing is really trust your passion and trust yourself. 

00:29:06 Hitomi 

And ask for help me. 

00:29:09 Josh 

OK, yeah. 

00:29:11 Josh 

In basic terms, what are some of the ideas and philosophies around the cold Monte method? 

00:29:19 Hitomi 

So combine mess up. The is comprehensive Japanese tidy mess up and it's very simple, but. 

00:29:29 Hitomi 

It's basically it's you going through. 

00:29:33 Hitomi 

Your entire home. 

00:29:36 Hitomi 

Anne confronting 1 by 1. 

00:29:40 Hitomi 

And then identifying what spark joy to your heart and discovered last with gratitude. 

00:29:50 Hitomi 

That's important, part is. 

00:29:52 Hitomi 

Discovered with gratitude, it's not. This is not because. 

00:29:57 Hitomi 

Everything in you have in your house. 

00:30:01 Hitomi 

Is a reflection of you right now? 

00:30:06 Hitomi 

And it's meant to be at your place to try to help you to be succeed an. 

00:30:15 Hitomi 

Be happy. 

00:30:16 Josh 

Now, so is the konmari method about minimalism I. I think there are a lot of people that think that maybe minimalism is a bit of an extreme lifestyle change. Yeah, I could never use that in the real world. 

00:30:35 Hitomi 

The answer to that is no, OK. 

00:30:40 Hitomi 

It's not the minimalism because if we use spark joy example Josh you love socket. 

00:30:48 Josh 


00:30:50 Hitomi 

You have a collection of so many sockets and every single socket can give you joy. 

00:30:58 Hitomi 

So you will keep the joy items with your pride and proud to be keeping them and you on it. You you really take it seriously. 

00:31:11 Josh 

00:31:12 Josh 

So I don't have to get rid of everything. 

00:31:15 Speaker 3 


00:31:15 Josh 

00:31:17 Josh 

Oh OK, so you have to reflect upon. 

00:31:22 Josh 

All of the different items to see if it really has value for you. 

00:31:27 Hitomi 

Body use, but so there is at the basic rule is in common metadata is you have to go through by category by category. 

00:31:42 Hitomi 

So a lot of times in generally speaking, the cleaning method everybody has his room by room. 

00:31:51 Hitomi 

So we have a category. 

00:31:53 Hitomi 

Closing books, papers. Miscellaneous in the mementos. If you are sticking with the category and going through the process of one things one items at a time. 

00:32:09 Hitomi 

I know it takes a long time, but that's the only way you can be able to have a transformation. 

00:32:16 Josh 

Of your life now. 

00:32:18 Josh 

So he told me for you, I'm wondering, did you have a busy lifestyle growing up in Japan? 

00:32:26 Speaker 3 

Growing up in. 

00:32:27 Hitomi 

Japan, it's how about the? Let me explain little bit they know how. What was my childhood is like so my parents was divorced three like when I was three and my. 

00:32:41 Hitomi 

My younger sister was one I believe, and I was with my father and my my sister. My sister was with my mom so I I was always alone. 

00:32:56 Hitomi 

And always going to the park by myself. 

00:33:01 Hitomi 

Talking to the people who have dogs or. 

00:33:05 Hitomi 

Uh, do kids or so. 

00:33:09 Hitomi 

I was laundy kind of a person. I love people but I think it's not too many kids around me so. 

00:33:19 Hitomi 

I think he's I was always playing sports when I was since I was 6th grade up to. 

00:33:27 Hitomi 

The high school so I was busy. OK, it's true. It's true. Longer story so. 

00:33:32 Hitomi 

It was, yeah. 

00:33:34 Josh 

And you mentioned that you found excitement in New York City. 

00:33:38 Hitomi 

Yes, especially is what's New York City really taught me a lot is about different scheme racism. 

00:33:49 Hitomi 

You name it. 

00:33:51 Hitomi 

In the fashion industry, gay straight. 

00:33:54 Hitomi 

Bisexual, I met everybody and I think you learn for me too. 

00:34:01 Hitomi 

To be with everybody equally, so that was a priceless gift I received from that industry also. 

00:34:11 Josh 


00:34:13 Hitomi 

Especially, is it? 

00:34:15 Hitomi 

Difficult issues coming up like now. 

00:34:18 Josh 

Right right now. 

00:34:20 Josh 

An you have a lifestyle change now from living in the heart of Manhattan to San Antonio. Yes. What is your lifestyle like now? 

00:34:33 Hitomi 

It's a space I can be able to find a little bit more close to the nature. 

00:34:38 Hitomi 

And bit more I can be able to focus. 

00:34:41 Josh 


00:34:42 Hitomi 

OK in myself and try to find my voice from really really deep inside of me. 

00:34:49 Josh 

Yeah, do you think having that space sort of helped lead you to? 

00:34:56 Josh 

Looking for or understanding the komadi method. 

00:35:00 Hitomi 

Little bit more deeper, yes, absolutely it might be. 

00:35:06 Hitomi 

It might be a little bit a struggle if I have to be in. 

00:35:09 Hitomi 

The New York 

00:35:11 Hitomi 

New York Lifestyle and try to focus it might many people can, but I don't know if I could. 

00:35:20 Josh 

Yeah, now so is there a relationship between tidying up which is a physical activity an does that relate to your lifestyle somehow? 

00:35:33 Hitomi 

Yes, I think it's every day is actually the for me as a practice to be. 

00:35:40 Hitomi 

There is no perfect mission. I don't believe, and we're always devolving uh-huh moving forward, changing right? So yes it is. It is very deep connection to my how I live. 

00:35:58 Josh 

Uh, Huh, Yeah, it seems like. 

00:36:01 Josh 

When you think about it, it sounds like OK. This might be a one time thing I clean up and throw away the stuff I don't need and that's it, but in reality. 

00:36:12 Josh 

You know things come and go. It should be an on going process, yes, evaluating. 

00:36:20 Hitomi 

Absolutely so. But the one thing is I. 

00:36:25 Hitomi 

Do you need to mention is? 

00:36:28 Hitomi 

So when you are ready to do Comboni. 

00:36:32 Hitomi 

Treat treat as. 

00:36:34 Hitomi 

One time in a lifetime be cause you are pay. You are doing this facing confronting 1 by 1. Hold your entire home. 

00:36:48 Hitomi 

So you don't have to do that after we do once completely. 

00:36:54 Hitomi 

On the order followed, the total total method you don't have to and after that is maintenance. 

00:37:03 Hitomi 

And be cause when example when you go into the closet and you are in every single piece, pieces are spark joy for you. 

00:37:17 Hitomi 

And you know you feel it. It's not from here on the head. It's from heart from and also from the yoga. You can feel the enjoyment in the joy. 

00:37:31 Hitomi 

So that will overtime. This is the natural for everyone comes down because you do change like a Josh You said. 

00:37:41 Hitomi 

Changing more things coming in unexpectedly so you do have to maintain but never like this. But once you're going through the whole process so you don't have to do the same thing, you do not have to do that, and cleaning is much easier. You have much more time to do what you like to do, what? 

00:38:03 Hitomi 

You want it to be. 

00:38:05 Hitomi 

You can focus on yourself or your family friends. 

00:38:10 Josh 

Right, so becomes a small part of you and and it's just an on going maintenance. 

00:38:15 Hitomi 

In a way, yes. And it's a very very. It's not all the time. It's time to time. For some people every six months. Some people every three months, sometimes it's mixed. 

00:38:29 Josh 

Do you have any advice for someone who wants to slow down and enjoy life? 

00:38:36 Hitomi 

I think he is a common method is one thing is a good thing is. I think you can reset your life. 

00:38:43 Hitomi 

For your going forward great transformation, you can be able to have. 

00:38:50 Hitomi 

That you organize your past. 

00:38:55 Hitomi 

And then you're going forward with your. 

00:38:58 Hitomi 

Only with joy. 

00:39:02 Josh 

That's great. OK, what is something that you're excited about, right? 

00:39:07 Hitomi 

Now, like now is my most excitement right now is I'm taking a ESL, crushes English second language because I drop off. 

00:39:21 Hitomi 

Dropped out of high school. 

00:39:23 Hitomi 

And came to New York. 

00:39:27 Hitomi 

And I was working 2 jobs to support my kids. Put them into that. Going through the college and that was many, many, many years and now is the finally. 

00:39:43 Hitomi 

Feels like ready to step. Make a step to study tools to my lifetime goal. Which is I would like to have a diploma. 

00:39:57 Hitomi 

Great, yes and. 

00:40:01 Hitomi 

That is my most exciting excitement for the moment and thank you, Josh. I think you are part of it too. 

00:40:10 Josh 

Oh, I'm glad you're you know you're on the show and you're now part of everything here and you know, I hope we can spread the word and you know people can get in contact with you 'cause I think. 

00:40:21 Josh 

You know you have a lot. A lot of world experience that you know a lot of people can learn from. 

00:40:27 Hitomi 

Thank you so much. 


Thank you. 

00:40:30 Josh 

So what is next for you? 

00:40:34 Hitomi 

So as next for me is I have a couple of plans too. 

00:40:41 Hitomi 


00:40:43 Hitomi 

I would like to focus on the couple of different. 

00:40:48 Hitomi 

Not a group, but yes, it's one is. 

00:40:53 Hitomi 

Before and after baby committee. Kind of Selope. 

00:41:01 Hitomi 

Focus on so the mother who are having a baby or after the baby. I would like to focus on that is, but that is also includes small child with mother at home. 

00:41:16 Hitomi 

Having a lot of no time in the having a stress, if I can be able to reach that would be fantastic and another focus is for the apartment living people who to create some active workshop. 

00:41:37 Hitomi 

To the community.com apartment communities. 

00:41:40 Josh 

That's great, that's great. 

00:41:42 Josh 

What is next for your industry? 

00:41:45 Hitomi 

I think next to is as I mentioned about the book, came out about the business. 

00:41:54 Hitomi 

Joey had to walk, I think is that people are start to spreading the word starting from home. 

00:42:03 Hitomi 

And bring it, let's bring it up to the walk. Walk space, right? So I think it's um, I I feel we will see more. 

00:42:15 Hitomi 

And more session at the business world. 

00:42:20 Josh 


00:42:21 Josh 

Wow, OK that's great. Is there something you feel that Japan Preneur community should know about that? Maybe I didn't cover. 

00:42:30 Hitomi 

No, I think you you did cover pretty much everything. It's I really do appreciate that this interview and to get to know you and I love your show. 

00:42:43 Josh 

So thank you and yes. 

00:42:45 Hitomi 

Oh so many so many episodes I enjoy so much I listen to so many times in the one. 

00:42:52 Hitomi 

Sticking up for certain. 

00:42:55 Josh 

Everyone connects with different people in different ways. 

00:42:58 Hitomi 

Need some really really. 

00:43:01 Hitomi 

Got it's so many different depths of it. Josh, I think it's it's amazing. I think it's. 

00:43:08 Hitomi 

It's everybody can be able to learn. 

00:43:11 Hitomi 

From your podcast, yes. 

00:43:14 Josh 

If any Japan Preneurs out there wanted to get in touch with you or find out more about your business, where should they go? 

00:43:23 Hitomi 

They can go to my website email. 

00:43:28 Speaker 3 

Which is he to? 

00:43:30 Hitomi 

[email protected] and also I have folding clinic library account at Instagram which is at the heater under scope. 

00:43:49 Hitomi 

Kinoshita KINOSHITA. 

00:43:55 Speaker 3 

Again at Cheeto Hi Tio, under scope KINOSHITH. 

00:44:06 Josh 

And your website address is. 

00:44:09 Hitomi 


00:44:11 Josh 

Well, I want to thank you for joining us today to me. 

00:44:15 Hitomi 

Thank you so much Josh. 

00:44:16 Hitomi 

I really appreciate it having me. 

00:44:19 Josh 

And will talk to you again. 

00:44:21 Hitomi 

Yes, thank you so much. 

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