065: The Keys to Building a Company of One in Japan w/ Anthony Griffin

podcast Aug 11, 2020
Anthony Griffin is a marketer and communications coach who helps small to mid-sized Japanese companies market to global audiences. Before founding Saga Consulting, he served as the marketing and communications manager for the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan. Additionally, as a communications coach, he has been credited for helping Fortune 500 executives earn global-level promotions. 

Before moving to Japan in 2009, he managed the workflow of more than 250 marketing projects a year for the City of Riverside, California. Additionally, as a marketing consultant and copywriter, he leveraged his M.B.A. degree to help local businesses achieve exponential returns on their marketing investments. 
A lifelong learner and teacher, Anthony speaks Japanese proficiently and often gives marketing and communication lectures at universities and corporations. 


He started developing business relationships and working outside of Aeon as a sole proprietorship. 

He learned a lot working at the American Chamber of Commerce but eventually wanted to work more directly with clients.  

His business is built around global communications. 

His company Saga Consulting is completely independent and he is a solopreneur, but he highly values his partnerships and collaborations. 

He helps people tell their stories, as in their saga. Hence, Saga Consulting. 

Starting in a service business, as opposed to real estate or a product launch, he was able to start up lean and not take on any debt or need investors.  

Japan is often criticized for being too rigid and adverse to change. However, Japan changes cautiously. If they change they want to see the outcome is going to be harmonious and not too disruptive. 

“If you make the benefit of change clear or necessary, Japan can change very quickly.”  

Major changes in Japan can be seen within the last 10 years, especially in Tokyo,  in the adoption of digital technologies, the growth of the startup scene, and the use of English in response to the upcoming Olympics.  

Know your market in order to stand out from the crowd. Highlight your “Plus Alphas,” those little extra things you uniquely bring to the table.  

If you can’t solidify your business idea, don’t hesitate to work and learn at other companies and consider yourself paid to learn. Those business ideas will come about naturally when the time is right.  

Building systems around his knowledge and productizing it for the world.  

As a solopreneur you need to prioritize your health. You have to be prepared to do anything for your business. If you are getting sick and catching colds, you aren’t able to give the attention and time necessary. you have to be healthy in order  

Don’t fall in love with being an entrepreneur. Don’t hesitate to work for a company first and gain knowledge. We tend to glorify the young entrepreneur and 20-year-old startup, but that really is the minority. Don’t feel you have to be that guy.  

Learn at a company and start building networks and observe a company’s weak points, strong points... 





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