062: The Rest is The Work – Japanpreneur Quick Tip w/ Helen Iwata

podcast Jul 21, 2020

Helen gives us another little Japanpreneur Quick Tip this week in regards to the importance of rest and how entrepreneurs really need to take the time to relax and not let their businesses take over their lives. If you haven’t yet heard our recent interview she drops a lot of knowledge bombs us, so look for the episode entitled Launching a Business Communication and Women’s Success Coaching Company in Japan w/ Helen Iwata.

Recently my wife Satomi and I were featured on her podcast The Sasuga Podcast, and when it comes out shortly I’ll link to it from my website or you can search for her show in spotify or itunes etc. or check out her website at Sasugacommunications.com. The show was a little bit about our entrepreneurial journey together and how Satomi has grown as a leader and teacher in her own right, she really is the brains behind everything anyways.
But today we are going to have a chat about the uncool side of entrepreneurship.

Everywhere you look on social media and youtube nowadays, the main thing many people are pushing is the whole #hustle culture and how everything needs to be 10Xed. Well this the quickest route to burn out that I can see. Although it’s not a phenomenon unique to Japanese business culture, Karoshi or death from overwork is a real thing. Often this comes from corporate peer pressure but I’m seeing solo entrepreneurs jumping in that rat race too for fear of missing out. Well, getting out of the rat race and finding my own sense of lifestyle freedom was a big part of starting my own businesses, and it’s something that I have high on my priority list. Time is the most valuable thing we have, and without resting and taking a breather we don’t get the recharge that we need to both handle our business and enjoy that time. Right after this short message Helen will give us her thoughts on the subject…


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