059: Being a Conduit to Japan and Gaining Industry Experience Before Starting a Business w/ Sake Brewer Todd Bellomy

podcast Jul 03, 2020

This episode of Small Business Japan is a continuation of episode # 58 with Sake Brewer, owner, and consultant Todd Bellomy where we get into some different business models and changes that come with the pandemic as well advice for entrepreneurs with a connection to Japan. 

Sake brewer Todd Bellomy works as a sake & craft beer industry consultant while developing and fundraising to start a sake brewery called Farthest Star Sake. He has many years of alcohol and restaurant industry experience, including certifications as a Cicerone and Sake Advisor. Once upon a time, he lived in Japan, visited izakaya, and worked as a sword maker’s apprentice and English teacher. 

The importance of a support system when taking on entrepreneurial endeavors.   

With the current situation he has had to create 2 additional business plans depending on what the situation is later on.  

Taking on investors and deciding what size production brewery to start with, or to even start very small with a brewpub model.  

Evaluating locations and size 

From studying the market and the consumers, he feels that with the ever-expanding craft beer breweries there is a market for people wanting something slightly different 

Get some experience in the industry first, even a lower level job, and be in the environment to make sure you really want to go further in and start a business in. 

See what the situation will be like for your family. It may be a great job but at what cost? 

Working in the industry first will also give you a glimpse of the market as well. You need to understand the customer first before you can provide a service or product to them.  

Building a team  

From Dovetail Sake to Farthest Star Sake, always dreaming about the farthest point out there. When you reach it, you realize there is always another Farthest Star out there to strive for.  

Be a conduit to Japan and abroad 

A call to action for people going to Japan to explore many of the traditions. Find a job that allows you to explore the arts and some of the many other things Japan has to offer.  

Vice versa, Japanese people should come to the US and explore some of our culture, like tapping maple trees.  


Todd Bellomy –  
Farthest Star Sake https://www.fartheststarsake.com/ 



Jason Cooper – Sango Kura sake/izakaya in Pennsylvania 

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