055: Globalizing and Localizing Your Business in a “Tokyoesque” Way w/ Natalie Meyer

podcast Jun 15, 2020

On this episode of Small Business Japan, I talk with Natalie Meyer about how she built her business around helping both Japanese and International companies globalize and localize their business in a Tokyoesque way.  

Natalie Meyer is the founder & CEO of Tokyoesque. They provide globally aware & curious market research and localization for companies expanding to and from Japan. Their goal is to foster cross-cultural understanding and globalization. Natalie’s experiences are a mix of global media, tech and market research via Tokyo, London, Silicon Valley, DC and now Amsterdam.  

“What I have always been very aware of is how I am not Japanese. I am never going to think in exactly the Japanese way and I’m always going to be a bit of an outsider…That’s part of the reason that I decided not to stay in Tokyo, but I think you can actually use that, and harness that and It’s a special energy in itself. And that’s what I am doing with Tokyoesque.  

Market research, Introductions and partnership help to bridge, localization (which goes deeper that just translating) 

Not based in Japan but London and Amsterdam. Japanese customers like that they are based abroad, where they want to expand to. And their western customers appreciate being able to meet in person.  

They work with many large Japanese companies that are attracted to their small team because it’s actually opposite from them. Their non-Japanese clients tend to be more smaller and startups.  

She worked to get herself out of the constant selling she had to do so she could focus on generating more revenue streams.  

Training employees for cultural insight.  

Japan is aware that they want to be global, but there is still a bit of lack of confidence.  

When starting out you need to have the end goal in. Ind first. Then start quickly to get there.  

Figure out what is the appropriate rate to charge, sometimes you realize you need to be charging more as well as the confidence to tell others that the price is worth it and they can’t get your service anywhere else.  

They are in the globalization industry and Japan is still very import on the global scene.  


Site: http://tokyoesque.com 

Twitter:  @Tokyoesque and @NMeyerHQ 

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/tokyoesque/  


The Goldman-Sack’s 10,000 Small Businesses Program. https://10ksbapply.com/ 


The Culture Map: Breaking Through the Invisible Boundaries of Global Business by Erin Meyer 

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