Lifestyle Japanpreneur –

A Japan Approach to Building Your Successful Business Small By Design 

Imagine yourself living life to the fullest, creating real relationships, getting your time back, and building a successful business that supports your desired lifestyle. 

This is a new way of looking at how your lifestyle and business can intertwine, whether you are looking to start your business or side hustle, add an element of online to your brick and mortar shop, or develop a new way of structuring and growing your current business. 

Become a Lifestyle Japanpreneur

In this online course you will learn

about what it means to be a Lifestyle Japanpreneur, how we can make the most out of being a Lifestyle Japanpreneur, and why it makes sense to become a Lifestyle Japanpreneur in the first place.  

 Over the years I’ve developed this concept from my years of living, studying the language and culture and earning my Master's and Doctorate at Osaka University, and working in Japan. This has also developed from seeing what has and hasn’t worked in our (my wife Satomi is the real brains behind the operations here) small businesses and online businesses, as well as researching and interviewing numerous successful Japan-related small business owners and entrepreneurs.  

Work/Life Balance: How to earn more while working less - and actually enjoying your life

Some people make a lot of money in their business - but they have no life because they are working all the time. I think that's a waste. Money and a great income is only valuable if you have the time and freedom to enjoy it. 

In this training I share with you:

  • How to create a business that serves your life goals (and demands little from you)
  • What to ignore because life is busy and filled with distractions, that way you can only focus on what makes money
  • A unique Japan approach to building your cultural capital, becoming a global conduit, and developing your brand and building a legacy company.

The Power of Lifestyle Japanpreneur Capital

Learn how to build and use economic capital, cultural capital, and social capital

Build a Business Around Exponential Growth

Learn the benefits of scaling without growing

Develop the Skills Needed to Start Your New Journey

This is your guide to getting your time back and building the lifestyle and profitable business you desire. Build a business that allows you to live life on your terms and develop deep relationships along the way. 

Become a Lifestyle Japanpreneur

Key benefits from this course

Benefit 1: Lifestyle Freedom Getting control of your time to enjoy a healthy and happy lifestyle your way. Time is the only thing you can’t get back in life, so you need to learn to play to your strengths and hire out the other tasks. A Lifestyle Japanpreneur can choose where and when to work. Being in control of your time allows you to understand that BUSY is a 4-letter word and is nothing to be admired, it means you don’t have the proper systems in place to control your life.   

Benefit 2: Financial Freedom – You get the choice to make decisions without the stress of financial worry. When you set your long-term priorities, it is easier to realize what areas are just not necessary and what areas you can splurge on guilt-free. If that cup of Starbucks from the coffee shop is an essential part of your day then by all means go for it, if it’s not affecting your long-term goals then it will fit into your sphere of what financial freedom means to you.   

Benefit 3: A Nomadic Japan Connected Lifestyle -  Japan is not a perfect place, no place is for that matter, but you get to enjoy it on your own terms and focus on the positive and intriguing things about it if you want to. You can also have a deep connection with Japan and not necessarily live there. I have met Japan scholars in New York City and Hawaii, as well as Japanese solo-entrepreneurs in places like Thailand. A Nomadic Japan Connected Lifestyle also allows you to set up shop in the beautiful Japanese countryside, deep in the mountains or near the beaches if you want to. 

I have found that with technology advancing and spending time building networks in Japan, a Lifestyle Japanpreneur can keep those connections and live wherever they want in Japan and throughout the world.  

A Unique Japan Approach to Lifestyle and Financial Freedom

Through my years of researching Japanese culture, getting my doctorate at Osaka University, working and living in Japan for over 13 years, and interviewing numerous successful Japan related entrepreneurs and small business owners, I have developed this unique course to guide you on your new lifestyle and business transformation. 

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