Welcome Japanpreneurs! This is your headquarters for starting or growing your Japan related business or side hustle. Learn from today's top Japan related entrepreneurs, experts, small business owners, creatives, and free-lancers. 

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Host Josh Smith, PhD brings education and entertainment in each solo show and interview with Japan related entrepreneurs and small business owners, both in Japan and globally.  


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Lifestyle Japanpreneur Online Course

Coming Soon! Let us guide you through a Japan approach to designing your lifestyle first and then a small but powerful business that supports that lifestyle.

What is Small Business Japan?

The Small Business Japan podcast and membership community is a collision of our passion for Japan and entrepreneurial pursuits. We have created a learning center for entrepreneurs, creatives, small business owners, and side hustlers who want to start or grow their Japan related business. 

Hopefully these interviews and stories from the podcast will inspire, encourage, and motivate you to take the leap into a Japan related niche. From there, the community is a place where we can guide you and you can learn from other experts. Coming Soon: Online courses to help you develop your powerful yet small business. 

Meet Your Entreprenurial Guides

Hey Japanpreneurs! Josh Smith, PhD and wife Satomi Smith own and host the Small Business Japan website and podcast. They are entrepreneurs and restaurateurs with a vast amount of experience in the US and Japan. 

Small businesses have an advantage of being able to adapt to change very quickly, pivot, and stay flexible. There is also a power in staying small. Although there are other podcasts, courses, and communities that focus on the tech startup and venture capital world of Japan, with our experience in owning Japanese restaurants and a Japanese-influenced brewery in Buffalo, NY, we are naturally drawn to promoting other small business entrepreneurs who are succeeding in Japan & abroad.

The Lifestyle Japanpreneur Online Course

This course will guide you through starting and growing your business around the mindset of being a Lifestyle Japanpreneur. That is a Japan approach to building a business where you put your desired lifestyle first, then build a small but mighty business that supports that dream. Let us guide you through your profitable business and lifestyle transformation!

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18 Small Business Startup Tips From  Some of Today’s Top Japanpreneurs

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"I just wanted to say, “Thank You,” for giving a voice to the other side of business. Because there are a lot of people that aren’t tech entrepreneurs, and when I give these presentations there are so many young people that feel, “Oh, I have to be a tech person.” But there are a lot of opportunities just doing traditional business. So thanks for giving us a voice. "

Anthony Griffin
CEO of Saga Consulting, Tokyo, Japan

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